Breezy Sunset Boulevard

­­­­Hey girlies! I’m currently in Los Angeles for two weeks with Beauty by LadyCode and PageantLIVE! This look is super LA and I think it’s the perfect fit for the climate here in LA, because its a nice transitional piece that can work with the weather here.

TOP: Yandy
COAT: Boohoo
PANTS: Boohoo
LASHES: The LadyCode Shop “Gemini” Lashes

Photography by Jose Burrola//Intuition Design Photography


Valentine’s Casual

Last year, I was SUPER into Valentine’s Day and I had SO much fun shooting my Valentine’s Series for the LadyCode YouTube channel! This year, things are different. I’m on a whole new hustle and I have been SO busy with producing some great things for my career, but it’s left me with little time for my blog.

SO, if you’re looking for some makeup inspiration I would LOVE for you to try this look I shared with you last year on my channel:

It is one of my all time favorite looks! Anyway, let’s cut to the chase-here is my look from today.

HAIR: Goldiluxe Hair
LASHES: LisaLASHES Style “Rebel”
JEANS: Fashion Nova
SHOES: Ego Official


I’m shopping for products for my next giveaway so comment below with anything on your glam wish list!

XOX Lisa

MINI BAG REVIEW: Celine Nano vs Saint Laurent Sac De Jour vs Givenchy Antigona

Okay, I am officially a mini/nano bag hoarder. I really thought that I wouldn’t get another mini handbag after my Saint Laurent Sac De Jour, but the Givenchy Antigona kept catching my eye and I am so so so happy I finally got one for Christmas. To make a long story short, the Givenchy Antigona bag is my favorite one so far for so many reasons. If you want to get all of the details watch my Mini/Nano bag review and comparison video below:



Zipper closure
Small interior pocket
Removable shoulder strap


Strap is not adjustable
Smooth leather is delicate and scratches easily
Leather interior- no cloth lining on the inside, so the interior easily gets damaged
I experienced unfriendly service when buying in-store

Price: $2,900



Durable exterior leather
Adjustable, removable strap
Good buying experience


No cloth interior lining – the inside gets scratched easily
Smallest of the 3 bags, hold only a small wallet, phone, and keys
No closure on top, items may not be secure

Price: $1,990



Amazing customer service at all locations
Durable leather
Full zipper closure
Zippered interior pocket
2 additional interior pockets
Cloth interior lining
Fits the most items out of the 3 bags


Price: $1,750
Which handbag is your favorite?

Perfectly Imperfect

Hey girlies! What’s my favorite brand right now? FIG & VIPER.

If you watched my Japan haul video on YouTube, you know that I’ve been obsessed with Fig & Viper and shopping in their store in Tokyo was a dream come true! Here’s the post with my totally Tokyo-fied outfit from Fig & Viper! I couldn’t decide which bag to carry so I used both for the outfit and it looks sooo good with the outfit, the outfit is so perfectly imperfect it just works!


HAT: Love Culture Miami

Watch: Daniel Wellington
Bracelet: Gift
Rings: H&M
Nails: Mira Nail Bar

Black Clutch: ZARA Lincoln Road
Pink Clutch: Judith Lieber

Shoes: EGO Official UK

Watch my Japan haul to see my other finds from my trip to Japan! I got TONS of super cute stuff I’ve been obsessed with wearing!



JAPAN Fashion & Makeup Haul!! Harajuku, Shibuya, Tokyo, Osaka & More!!

Last week, I was in Japan and if there is one thing for a girl to do in Japan, its SHOP! My little sister lives in Tokyo and she took me to so many amazing stores! Since I got a ton of cute stuff, I decided to share my finds with you in the haul video below!

I love love love this hoodie dress from Rasvoa! It’s definitely my favorite thing to wear right now. 

My hairstyle for the video was inspired by Japan, and I recreated it with my own twist! Here is the full tutorial:

LIFE UPDATE: From Japan we went straight to LA for a day and then stopped in Las Vegas for Miss Universe for less than 24 hours! One of my jobs is hosting for PageantLIVE and I had so much fun interviewing the VIP’s in the pageant world. Let me know if you want to see a Miss Universe VLOG!  I’m still struggling with jet lag and I’m barely keeping up! It’s literally been one thing after another because I spent the weekend in Atlanta shooting for Crowned Pageantry Magazine. This weekend, I’ll be going to Daytona Beach to host VivaLuxe’s Hooked on Fashion show and I’m super excited because I’ll be showing my Vizcaya Swimwear designs too! I hope to see some of my LadyCode sisters in Daytona 🙂

I hope you had an amazing weekend! Let me know what you think of my haul in the comments below!


Coin Laundry

I always pass by this awesome looking old school coin laundry in Miami and every time I pass it, I get ideas on shooting a look there. The plan last night was to go to the Wynwood Arts District, which is like a super hip, artsy neighborhood so I thought my look last night was perfect to shoot at the laundromat.

Here’s last night’s look:





Hi dolls! I recently got a new apartment in Miami and now that I am finally settled in, I am doing my VERY requested beauty room tour in my new place!

You can watch the entire video glam room tour here:


Wall storage system: ALGOT System from IKEA. This system cost me about $200. Installation is very easy the and entire system is super customizable! I love utilizing vertical space to organize my smaller spaces. The hangers are also from Ikea and the wooden texture elevates the aesthetic of the exposed wardrobe.


The two photos above feature LACK shelving units from IKEA. I love these because they are functional yet aesthetically pleasing, and they are also very simple and easy to assemble. One lack shelf retails for $49.99. CLICK HERE to shop LACK shelves on IKEA. As you saw in my room tour video, I love using file organizers to vertically store my palettes. I purchased most of my acrylic makeup organizers from LadyMoss.

Another IKEA favorite is the MALM desk. This desk is sleek, slim to save space, and features a drawer that fits all of my office supplies and makeup. I purchased two MALM desks, one for my vanity and one for my work desk. This desk comes with the glass table topper included in the package, so you don’t need to purchase the topper separately like other IKEA products. This desk is on the pricy side at $169, but for is space-saving properties and chic visual appeal, I think it’s worth the price.


My fuzzy white stool paired with my vanity is from HomeGoods. I adore it because you can elevate it if needed, and it spins around for easy movement. I use it to film all of my YouTube videos.


My velvet curtains are from IKEA, and the dual curtain rod and sheer panel are from Home Depot. I purchased my office chair and mouse pad on Amazon.

Shop office chair: CLICK HERE

Shop Mouse Pad: CLICK HERE

My mini trash can and sequined cushion are from Five Below (YUP, $5!).

My floating shelf system for my shoe closet is from Home Depot. You can find this in the shelving section at your nearest hardware store. Each shelf cost about $7, and the suspension rod and shelf hooks are between $1-$3 each, so this shoe closet cost me no more than $60.

This hanging organizer is from Five Below as well. It has made my life SO much easier because I can just throw my earrings in a pocket when I am done wearing them. For $5, you can’t say no to this organizational life saver!

This is another essential to stay organized! Like I said before, utitlizing vertical space is KEY to maximizing small spaces. This over the door unit was actually a shoe organizer, but I but bottles of hair products, lotion, straighteners, and curling irons in them instead. This basically disappears when my door is open to conceal the clutter, but its also easily accessible if I need anything from this unit. You can find over the door organizers for affordable prices at your nearest department store.

I hope you enjoyed my room tour! Thanks for watching my video and stopping by ❤




Good as Gold

Okay so let’s talk about my hair.

My hair is one of the ways I express myself. I love wearing my gray, pink, lavender, blue, and white wigs because it gives me such a unique look and I feel like it’s so ME.I have no idea why, but last November, I decided to go blonde. I loved the way my Khloe wig looked on me, so I decided to make my real hair that color. I went from box dye (I know) permanent black hair to platinum blonde in about 6 months.

I regret it so much. My hair is fried, I had to cut off so much from the damage, and lost even more from breakage. I didn’t like the platinum look either because I felt like it washed me out. Hey, we learn from our mistakes! Luckily I have my wigs so I could just throw one on when I had to go somewhere or film without feeling weird about my hair washing me out.

My hair god in New York, Alex from The Drawing Room in Soho (this is not where I went blonde), referred me to my hair god in Miami, Julia from Atma Beauty in South Beach, who literally helped me love my hair again the way it is. Julia glossed my hair and blended it so that my dark roots seamlessly melt into my blonde, which is a lot more golden and not very platinum. That gloss made all the difference in the world for me. You may not see the difference but for me, it made me confident.

Last night I went to dinner with my friend Matthew from the pageant industry and my business partner/boyfriend Franz. I decided to wear something casual but cute and of course, GLAM. My client from Miss Earth United States, Brittany Georgia asked me to style her hair like this for the first day of her pageant and I was so obsessed with how it came out, I had to try th elook on myself!

The original look that inspired me on Brittany Georgia!

For my shorter hair, I used my Zala honey beach blonde hair extensions to give my hair length, density, and the illusion of health 🙂

Here’s a video with everything you need to know about hair extensions!

Top: Forever21

Bag: Celine

Jeans: Zara

Shoes: Adidas 

I found the Adidas shoes on Poshmark, my favorite shopping app for super cheap! You can join Poshmark to find anything you need in fashion, and you can shop my personal closet too: Get $5 off your first order on Poshmark when you sign up using code: HSNQH

Key beauty products: 

Oribe DRY Texturizing Spray

CASHMERE Lashes from The LadyCode Shop

Jeffree Star Cosmetics Androgyny Palette

Kevyn Aucoin Neo Highlighter

Ardell Beauty Brow Pen in Soft Black and Medium Brown

lisa lashes

In New York We Wear Black

Two years ago when I moved to New York, I learned something quickly. New Yorkers wear black, and there are so many reasons why. Wearing white in NYC is always a bad idea because that white piece will probably be gray by the time you step off the train. Black never goes out of style and its easy to look effortlessly chic in all black. Bae wanted to take me on a date yesterday so I threw on this all black look and tossed my hair up in a messy-ish bun.


Glasses: Forever 21
Choker: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Primma Diva
Leggings: Boohoo
Bag: Saint Laurent

Leading with Confidence: Zoey Sage, the Hot New Designer We all Need to Follow!

Lady Code had a chance to sit down with a hot new designer on the Miami Scene, Zoey Sage, creator of the clothing line Zoey Reva. At the young age of 21, she has already been featured in big-name magazines like Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Women’s Wear Daily. She even participated in the Underground Fort Lauderdale Show where she was the youngest designer alongside renowned designers like Nicole Miller.

Zoey’s shirt was even featured in Vogue!

Early Beginnings

From a young age, Zoey knew she wanted to do something in fashion. Her mother in fact owns a Miami Model Agency, so fashion was coded in her genes. Originally wanting to be a stylist like her fashion inspiration Rachel Zoe, she would help her friends put together their outfits. Along the way, she realized she was tweaking designs, altering the waist and even the colors.

She then decided to design a capsule collection which launched online last year, immediately gaining recognition from Women’s Wear Daily.

Know your girl, know the customer you are targeting.”

Trial and Error

Although her line has gotten major recognition, Zoey had to learn a lot through her mistakes. She started this project on her own, without knowing the market or the clothing industry, quickly realizing that sizing, garments and inventory were all requisite elements of the learning curve. Sage stated it would have been beneficial to have a mentor to show her the ropes. In fact, she now wants to share what she has learned with other young designers saying, “This is 24/7, which is a lot of work. It’s not glamorous, but it is rewarding. The most exciting part is seeing the clothes come to life on a runway or in a photoshoot. It is knowing that you created something.” Other aspiring designers need to know what they will be facing.

Zoey Reva pink romper (2)

Her Success

Zoey is adamant about her vision. She ventured into design knowing exactly what she wanted. Sage states, “Know your girl, know the customer you are targeting.” When asked about her target audience, she says “It’s not about age, it’s about attitude. Our look is targeted to the effortlessly fashion forward. Super chic, very feminine. It can be day or night wear with our transitional pieces.”  Zoey also made it clear that her credibility helped her saying “credibility is everything.” I think we can all agree with that.

Age is NOT a Thing!

Today, it seems like we always acknowledge someone’s age when they achieve success early in their life but in Zoey’s case “age is not a thing”.  When learning that she was the youngest designer at the Underground Fort Lauderdale show, she was genuinely shocked stating, “I’m always the youngest. People assume my age would be an obstacle, it wasn’t. It is all about talent and creativity, not about how old I am.”

Let’s all take a minute to absorb that shall we. Your age shouldn’t be an obstacle or a defining attribute. Zoey is 100% right by saying you are defined by your talent or creativity. It is about your dedication, your work ethic and personality. We should not allow ourselves to be defined by age, height, hair color, degrees or any other external factors that people tend to use to label people.

People assume my age would be an obstacle, it wasn’t. It is all about talent and creativity, not about how old I am.”

Reva design

What’s Next?

The future is bright for this young designer. Currently, the Zoey Reva team is working on their new collection and revamping their social media. “People want to know you. If they relate to you, they like you.” says this quick wit designer. By showcasing who they are through social media outlets, Zoey Reva plans to take the clothing industry by storm. Zoey says that future collections are full of endless possibilities ranging from kids, to swim to commercial. However right now she wants to focus on “this” making it the best that it can be. “What’s the rush?”

Check out this super cute video below:

Make sure to follow Zoey on her social media:

Instagram: @zoeyreva

Facebook: Zoey Reva


Love and light,

Char ❤