Miami Culinary Tours: Wynwood Food Tour Review

Hey foodies! Miami Culinary Tours treated me to their Wynwood food tour yesterday. As you may have seen on my story, it was a lot of fun and the food was incredible. Our tour guide, Marie, started off the tour with the history of Wynwood, Miami’s hip, up and coming art district.

At each stop, our tour guide took the time to explain the ingredients of each dish we were trying, along with background information about each dining location. My favorite part about the tour was that it was a walking tour, so we were able to truly see Wynwood while trying its unique cuisine.

Our tour included 5 total dining stops. I showed up STARVING and I was struggling to finish the last two meals, so there is definitely plenty to eat. The Wynwood tour started with small sandwiches at a vegan restaurant. The second stop was a Peruvian restaurant where they served us ceviche and tacos. The third stop was a taco bar with more tacos, and the fourth stop served us sliders and tuna tartare. Our final stop was dessert, where we had fantastic gelato.

This tour did include drinks and an alcoholic beverage at one location. I have a food allergy, and the tour guide did everything she could to cater to my food allergy, which was awesome. Another person on the tour also had an allergy and she was accommodated as well.

The tour lasted about 2-3 hours and we learned so much about the Wynwood neighborhood that Franz and I decided to walk around and explore even more after the tour. Miami Culinary Tours is a local, small business, and they also offer tours of South Beach and Little Havana. I’m definitely dying to try the Little Havana food tour next, because I LOVE Cuban sandwiches and Mojitos!

Have you ever taken a culinary tour? What was your experience like? let me know in the comments below!






I’ve been promising to do a best & worst foundations review and video for a while now, and I feel like I have finally tried and experimented with enough foundation products to bring you this video and review! Watch my foundation hits and misses video here:

Which foundations have you tried? Which ones do you LOVE and which ones didn’t work for you? I’m curious to know so share your thoughts in the comments below!

XOX Lisa

Breezy Sunset Boulevard

­­­­Hey girlies! I’m currently in Los Angeles for two weeks with Beauty by LadyCode and PageantLIVE! This look is super LA and I think it’s the perfect fit for the climate here in LA, because its a nice transitional piece that can work with the weather here.

TOP: Yandy
COAT: Boohoo
PANTS: Boohoo
LASHES: The LadyCode Shop “Gemini” Lashes

Photography by Jose Burrola//Intuition Design Photography

How to Prepare for a Hair and Makeup Appointment with Beauty by LadyCode

You have your appointment booked with the Lady Code Beauty Team for your special event, and now you’re wondering, should I wash my hair right before my appointment? What do I wear?…This article is here to make you feel 100% ready for glam sesh with LadyCode!


Our new client registration form allows us to learn more about your and your hair and makeup goals for your event. Please make sure you share with us your skin concerns, any cosmetic allergies or sensitivities, and inspiration photos so that we can prepare for your appointment accordingly.


Beauty by LadyCode primarily services beauty pageants and we are always on-site, so we are nothing but a quick elevator ride from you. If we are not providing services in a designated ballroom space, we are in a beauty suite in the host hotel or backstage during a competition. Room numbers and ballroom names are shared with you via your email address provided at booking. When in doubt, contact LadyCode.

Miss Florida Teen USA 2018, Lou Schieffelin– Hair and makeup by Lisa from LadyCode


Please arrive with clean, dry skin. You may wear a light moisturizer if you have dry skin. If you are “picky” about your eyebrows, you may arrive with your eyebrows filled in. We are picky about eyebrows too and we always create the perfect brow for your face shape, but we know that brows can be something personal and we want you to feel 100% confident in your glam!

We strongly recommend getting your eyebrows/upper lip professionally waxed or threaded 1 week before your event.

Payton Stockman for Miss Vizcaya Swimwear 2018–Hair and makeup by Lisa from LadyCode


Please wash hair the night before, not day of your appointment. You must arrive with completely dry hair that is ready for styling.


Although we are extremely careful with our makeup applications, setting powder can sometimes settle in on your outfit. We recommend wearing a robe or a zip-up sweatshirt to your appointment. Clothing with tight necklines are not recommended to ensure your hair and makeup does not get ruined in the process of changing into your final outfits.

Haley Giovanna for USA National Miss Illinois — Makeup by Lisa from LadyCode, Hair by Nicole and Stephanie

If you have any more questions regarding your appointment, contact the Lady Code Beauty Team by clicking here. If you’re ready to book your appointment with LadyCode, click here.

The LadyCode Shop has TWO New Lashes-Just in Time for Valentine’s Day!

If you’re a #LisaLASHES fanatic, you already know this, but today we dropped TWO new styles of lashes. They’re both super flirty so the timing is perfect for Valentine’s Day!

The first style is REBEL. I have a feeling this is going to be a best seller because it is so flawlessly flattering on everyone! It has a cotton band so its super soft on the eyes and doesn’t irritate them all day long.
Look at Lou Schieffelin literally slaying the REBEL lash in this clip from her recent commercial shoot:

Here is a closer look at the lash:

Next up is FIRST CLASS. This lash is perfect for every day slay or stacked on top of eyelash extensions for a little lash boost for a night out. Summer Priester from beauty blog 365 Days of Beauty loves the First Class lash, here’s a snap from her Instagram account.

I also used the FIRST CLASS lash in my most recent makeup tutorial on my channel:

Here’s a closer look at First Class:

Spiky lashes are my favorite because they let enough light in to let your eyes naturally sparkle, giving you a super sweet, wide-eyed look.

You can get 20% off from the LadyCode Shop today only using code: GLAM20



Valentine’s Casual

Last year, I was SUPER into Valentine’s Day and I had SO much fun shooting my Valentine’s Series for the LadyCode YouTube channel! This year, things are different. I’m on a whole new hustle and I have been SO busy with producing some great things for my career, but it’s left me with little time for my blog.

SO, if you’re looking for some makeup inspiration I would LOVE for you to try this look I shared with you last year on my channel:

It is one of my all time favorite looks! Anyway, let’s cut to the chase-here is my look from today.

HAIR: Goldiluxe Hair
LASHES: LisaLASHES Style “Rebel”
JEANS: Fashion Nova
SHOES: Ego Official


I’m shopping for products for my next giveaway so comment below with anything on your glam wish list!

XOX Lisa

Weird Skincare Devices that Saved my Skin!

Last summer.. actually, last year, I traveled almost every weekend and with that travel came stress, bad sleeping and eating habits, and as a result of that lifestyle: acne. I tried different remedies I found online, like blue light therapy, acne creams, etc, but nothing seemed to make a lasting difference.

After doing two mild peels with a phenomenal esthetician to sort of “reset” my skin, I started to see improvements. Her recommended products really helped as well, and I have been using them consistently with great results. Watch my skincare favorites video below to see the products I am loving right now:

I had no idea that TWO devices could make such a big difference on my skin! I knew I was using the right products but I didn’t see a noticeable improvement until I started incorporating these two products into my skincare regimen:

I started to GLOW after trying the Michael Todd Beauty Sonic Eraser Pro in combination with the Vanity Planet Ultimate Skin Spa System. Vanity Planet recently came out with a new and improved Glowspin system, which is similar to the Skin Spa. Vanity Planet has been generous enough to provide a discount code for $100 OFF for Lady Code with the promo code: OPIEGLOW

I’ve been so excited about my new, glowing skin and I’ve been sharing a lot of photos on social media with my results! I know some of you sent me requests with an updated skincare routine so I hope this helps! XOX



I admit, I’m a total fragrance hoarder! I love smelling fresh and I feel like wearing a great fragrance make me feel more confident. Here are my top 5 favorite fragrances of all time:

5. Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium

4. Chance Chanel Eu Fraiche

3. Givenchy Dahlia Divin

2. Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia

1. Jour D’Hermes

Watch the video below to learn more about each fragrance:


MINI BAG REVIEW: Celine Nano vs Saint Laurent Sac De Jour vs Givenchy Antigona

Okay, I am officially a mini/nano bag hoarder. I really thought that I wouldn’t get another mini handbag after my Saint Laurent Sac De Jour, but the Givenchy Antigona kept catching my eye and I am so so so happy I finally got one for Christmas. To make a long story short, the Givenchy Antigona bag is my favorite one so far for so many reasons. If you want to get all of the details watch my Mini/Nano bag review and comparison video below:



Zipper closure
Small interior pocket
Removable shoulder strap


Strap is not adjustable
Smooth leather is delicate and scratches easily
Leather interior- no cloth lining on the inside, so the interior easily gets damaged
I experienced unfriendly service when buying in-store

Price: $2,900



Durable exterior leather
Adjustable, removable strap
Good buying experience


No cloth interior lining – the inside gets scratched easily
Smallest of the 3 bags, hold only a small wallet, phone, and keys
No closure on top, items may not be secure

Price: $1,990



Amazing customer service at all locations
Durable leather
Full zipper closure
Zippered interior pocket
2 additional interior pockets
Cloth interior lining
Fits the most items out of the 3 bags


Price: $1,750
Which handbag is your favorite?