Hey Dollies!

As you may have seen on my social media, I spent the weekend in Barcelona, Spain to celebrate Franz’s birthday. I studied abroad in Barcelona for 6 months and I fell in love with the city so I was super excited to go back! We didn’t do a lot of sightseeing, but I vlogged the highlights of my trip to share with you!

Barcelona Travel Vlog:

We stayed at the iconic Hotel Arts in Barcelona, which was a stunning property located in a great section on the city by the beach and marina. The views from our room were stunning and you could see the entire city from our room!

Since Franz and I are both foodies (I think its a Taurus thing), we spent the majority of our time eating the amazing Spanish food. Luckily the city provides such scenic walks that we walked off most of the calories we consumed on the trip.

The hotel we were staying at gave us complimentary access to their spa on the 43rd floor since we were celebrating our birthdays, and it was the perfect way to close out our mini getaway.

We flew to Barcelona from London since I was there for my birthday, but I didn’t vlog the trip since I was there recently. You can see my previous London vlog here:



Miami Culinary Tours: Wynwood Food Tour Review

Hey foodies! Miami Culinary Tours treated me to their Wynwood food tour yesterday. As you may have seen on my story, it was a lot of fun and the food was incredible. Our tour guide, Marie, started off the tour with the history of Wynwood, Miami’s hip, up and coming art district.

At each stop, our tour guide took the time to explain the ingredients of each dish we were trying, along with background information about each dining location. My favorite part about the tour was that it was a walking tour, so we were able to truly see Wynwood while trying its unique cuisine.

Our tour included 5 total dining stops. I showed up STARVING and I was struggling to finish the last two meals, so there is definitely plenty to eat. The Wynwood tour started with small sandwiches at a vegan restaurant. The second stop was a Peruvian restaurant where they served us ceviche and tacos. The third stop was a taco bar with more tacos, and the fourth stop served us sliders and tuna tartare. Our final stop was dessert, where we had fantastic gelato.

This tour did include drinks and an alcoholic beverage at one location. I have a food allergy, and the tour guide did everything she could to cater to my food allergy, which was awesome. Another person on the tour also had an allergy and she was accommodated as well.

The tour lasted about 2-3 hours and we learned so much about the Wynwood neighborhood that Franz and I decided to walk around and explore even more after the tour. Miami Culinary Tours is a local, small business, and they also offer tours of South Beach and Little Havana. I’m definitely dying to try the Little Havana food tour next, because I LOVE Cuban sandwiches and Mojitos!

Have you ever taken a culinary tour? What was your experience like? let me know in the comments below!




Tiffany’s Blue Box Cafe : LadyCode Review

For her birthday, my BFF Emilyn made reservations for us to have “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” at Tiffany & Co’s new Blue Box Cafe. I was so excited because I have been wanting to visit ever since it opened earlier this year. Emilyn made the reservations online for the two of us in advance because the Blue Box Cafe is by reservation only.

We arrived a little early because I wanted to shop around for some jewelry before going up, plus we wanted time to take pictures of course! I shopped around and got a sterling silver ring and necklace from the Atlas Collection

They had a coat check for us which was great, because we were bundled up for the cold NYC winter weather. It all pretty much went downhill from there.

There was only one server for the entire cafe and he was running around like crazy, so he definitely was not very attentive. The menu items were super overpriced. Emilyn and I planned on sharing the high tea, but when the server can he said that it is required for everyone to order a pre-fixe menu item, which started at $29.

ย We both wanted the tea so we paid about $49+ tax and gratuity (a total of about $67) each for some tea and tiny sandwiches.

I’m not a stingy person but I have to day that it was totally not worth the price at all. The bread on the sandwiches were dry and stale, and the chocolates were cute but unrealistic to eat. The tea was awful. I’m obsessed with tea and I ordered a green tea, but it poured out a very translucent yellow… seriously even my $4/box Tazo green tea steeps green and actually tastes like something.

Overall, the idea of the Blue Box cafe is adorable and I’m thankful that Emilyn was able to get us reservations so that we could experience it together, but it it was not worth the hassle and the price tag!

It was a cute place to take pictures though!

Lashes: “Cashmere” from The LadyCode Shop
Lips: Burberry Lip Velvet
Hair: Goldiluxe Hair Extensions // Rita Hazan Root Concealer to perfect hairline
Highlight: Fenty Beauty
Skin: Dior Airflash
Earrings: Jim Ball from Lola B Boutique

Dress: Shop TOBI
Belt: ZARA
Bag: Saint Laurent
Boots: Cici Hot

Bratislava Travel Blog || Miss Universe Slovakia with La Casa Hermosa

The pageant world is so amazing because it’s all about the empowerment of women and it’s a global thing so it gives me the opportunity to travel all over the world! Iva Ivanova, the owner of La Casa Hermosa called me about a month ago to tell me that she needed me to go to Bratislava, Slovakia with her for the Miss Universe Slovakia pageant. If you asked me a month ago where I would want to go in the world, Slovakia would not be at the top of my list because I know nothing about it. I am so glad my career brought me there because my experience in Slovakia was amazing! Watch my full Bratislava, Slovakia Vlog here:

We spent the first two days sightseeing in Bratislava.ย 

Shirt & Backpack: ZARA Madrid
Faux Fur Coat: ZARA Lincoln Road
Shoes: Fashion Nova

That evening we went to SKY bar in Bratislava which was gorgeous! They had amazing food and drinks, fresh squeezed juices (I had a mixed juice drink called Bax Bunny), and incredible views of the city. I recommend making reservations because this place is always full.

Day 2, the day of the Miss Universe Slovakia finals, we went to watch the rehearsals for a little bit before getting ready. I liked seeing the rehearsals because you can get a peek of the show in a relaxed environment. We met up with Georgina Vaughan, the official photographer of Miss USA, Miss Slovak Republic, and now Miss Universe, her friends Jaffet, and the Miss Universe Slovakia staff at the rehearsals.

The finals night made us feel like princesses in a castle! Everything was so glam and luxurious! Since Iva’s company, La Casa Hermosa is the official gown sponsor of Miss Universe Slovakia, we got VIP seating (and treatment!) for the event. This pageant was like watching a TV show because they shared the entire process on how they selected the finalists in a production. Unlike traditional pageants, there was not top 5, or on stage question. The evening gown portion was pre-taped beautifully.

Iva wanted an edgy hairstyle so got creative with her hair and did a sleek pulled back look on her. I think the hair style really highlighted her earrings and La Casa hermosa gown!

I rarely wear my hair up but I wanted to do a clean and edgy look too so I decided to show off my new black hair with a high pony full of extensions!

Miss Universe Slovakia 2017 is Vanessa Bottanova! She won in my absolute favorite gown ever! Every time I go to La Casa Hermosa I adore it and wish I could get it lol! Iva let me try on the dress after the pageant and I didn’t want to take it off.

The next day, we went to Vienna Austria because it’s a quick, 1 hour train ride from Bratislava! Watch out Vienna Vlog here:

We were also blessed with a 22 hour layover in Brussels so we went out sightseeing in Belgium!

I have my next international trip booked-Can you guess where we are going? Hint: It’s in Asia

I can’t wait to share my next travel vlog with you!



Brussels, Belgium Travel Blog

My second vlog following my Vienna, Austria vlog is my Brussels, Belgium trip! Our trip to Europe was all about La Casa Hermosa and Miss Universe Slovakia (my Slovakia vlog is next!), but since we wanted to explore we took advantage of our TWENTY hour layover-Slay-over in Brussels. This was my first time flying Brussels airlines and it was ok, the planes were pretty dated so I got nervous when there was turbulence but the food and service was great! Watch my full Brussels Travel Vlog below:

We stayed in Brussels for the night and since the trip was so rushed, we didn’t do a lot of sightseeing but we did go to the Atomium, which is like Belgium’s Eiffel Tower and got some pictures! After the Atomium we were starving so we went to the city center for dinner. We both had traditional Belgian food at a cute restaurant called Orts. We were wide awake from jet lag, so after dinner we had some drinks (I rarely drink but Brussels was a good reason to drink :)) at the bar in a restaurant called Spago. After that, we got hot chocolate at McDonalds and walk around. There was so much to see and so many cute restaurants! By the way, McDonalds in Europe is amazing! The food is actually really good and the one in Belgium had Macarons on the menu. I thought that was so awesome!

Here is my Vienna Vlog in case you missed it!

Up next is my Slovakia Vlog! I can’t wait to share it with you because Bratislava was super magical.




Vienna, Austria Travel Blog

Hey dolls!

As you may know I have been traveling all over Europe. The purpose of my trip was to promote La Casa Hermosa at Miss Universe Slovakia 2017, but the competition was one evening and we had so much time to explore Europe! We decided to take a day (more like half day) trip to Vienna, Austria, which was only an hour train ride away from where we were staying in Bratislava.

Here is the full Vienna Travel Vlog so you can live the experience with me!

Since it is late October, the weather was pretty chilly but it wasn’t freezing. I had a light faux fur coat on and I never got cold. Iva Ivanova, the owner of La Casa Hermosa, had a relative in Vienna and he was so sweet-he spent the day with us showing us everything to see in Vienna. Again, the trip was super rushed but I feel like we had just enough time! I know I want to come back and stay longer at some point, and of course meet some of my LadyCode sisters in Vienna!



Cuba 2017 Travel Blog + Vlog

I just got back from my trip to Cuba yesterday, and I’m so excited to share my experience in Varadero and Havana Cuba with you. I haven’y created a travel vlog in a while so I’m sooooo happy to finally have a vlog for you to watch!

Here is the full Cuba Vlog:

Here are some important details from my trip:
-We took a direct flight from Fort Lauderdale to Varadero on Southwest
-You can purchase a visa at the airport at check in. This process takes about 10 minutes
-Our hotel we stayed at is the Barcelo Sol y Mar all inclusive resort. The food was terrible, but the location was great and it is walking distance to downtown Varadero where you can find more decent food ๐Ÿ™‚
-We took a Cubatur day trip to Havana with a bus tour. It was a good experience, bring plenty of water and snacks, maybe an umbrella for rain or for shade (it gets HOT) and good walking shoes.

The beach in Varadero was AMAZING! The water was crystal clear and the sand was super soft.

Old Havana has a mixture of neighborhoods that are luxurious and gorgeous and remind me of modern day Spain, to some areas that look like they have not been updated since the 40’s.

Antique cars are EVERYWHERE. They at so much color and culture to Cuba and I loved seeing the unique cars, especially ones with polka dots or pink ones.

Che Guevarra is a very popular figure in Cuba, you can see images of him like this one everywhere.

Our tour guide told us that Cohiba and Montecristo are the best Cuban cigars. I didn’t purchase or try any but visiting a cigar shop in Cuba is a must.



Travel Blog: Lima, Peru 2017

I spent 9 days in Lima, Peru to bring in the New Year with my boyfriend Franz, who is originally from Peru. This was my third time in Peru, but my first blog and vlog! I was so busy enjoying the easygoing vibe and colorful energy of Lima so I barely had time to vlog, but I did come up with a fun little clip. Check out my Lima Peru vlog below to visit Peru with me:

A closed restaurant in Asia, Peru
Playa Chupikalla, our beach community
Typical Peruvian food: Tequenos, Lomo Saltado, Yuca A La Huancaina


In Playa Asia, many areas are either dirt, gravel, or sand, so most women wear wedges, chunky heels, or flatforms when going out. Metallic footwear was trending this year and luckily I fit right in with my chunky gold heels from Lola Shoetique.

peruvian-fashion-2017lisa-opie-blonde lisa-opie

My swimsuit is from Vizcaya Swimwear, Peru is where Vicaya’s first swimsuits were made!


My New Year’s Eve glam look

lisa-opie-eco-tan miraflores-peru-2017 franz-orban


Franz spoiled me with business class on my flights! I really got to relax and enjoy my trip thanks to the hospitality from AeroMexico and Delta ๐Ÿ™‚


On my last evening in Peru, Franz took me to Huaca Pucllana, a restaurant located in the Inca ruins! Check out my blog post about this look here:ย

Date Night Look // Lima, Peru

I spent 9 days in Lima, Peru for the holidays, and I just got back a few days ago! It was my third time visiting Peru since my boyfriend, Franz, is originally from there. Thankfully it was summer there so I was able to wear summer clothes and spend some time at the beach!

Watch my full Lima 2017 vlog here:

Right before rushing off to the airport to go home to New York, Franz treated me to an amazing dinner at the Inca ruins of Huaca Pucllana. I spent the majority of my trip with no makeup on, in a bikini, at the beach, so this was one of the few times I got glammed up during my trip!

lisa-opie-2017 ย lisa-opie-photo lisa-opie

lisa-opie-ladycode-blog-2017 ladycode-blog

DRESS: Fashion Effects Store

DUSTER: Boohoo

SHOES: Charlotte Russe

CLUTCH: Boohoo


Travel Blog: Madrid, Spain 2016

Happy 2017 Dolls!

2016 has been a CRAZY year and I’ve clearly been behind on my posts. I’m playing catch-up now that I’m home from Peru, and here is my first travel blog of the year! This is from my trip to Madrid last fall.

Live the experience with me in my Madrid Travel Vlog:

My favorite sightseeing spot in Madrid was Plaza Mayor, a cute plaza where we had some tapas and coffee.

I also loved Mercado de San Miguel, a market that had EVERYTHING. WE went to Cafe Del Art in the market, a Portugeuse-inspired coffee shop that also served sangria made with port wine!

For an afternoon snack we went to Chocolateria San Gines, a place that serves churros with melted chocolate, as you may have seen in the vlog above.


For dinner, we went to El Sur. I found this place on Yelp! and it was ranked as one of the best places to have tapas in Madrid. Omg, they were right because the Sangria and Tapas were incredible!


Our time in Madrid was short since we were just passing through on our way back home to New York from Ibiza, but it was perfect!