Subculture Palette Review

I was sooo bummed when I found out the Anastasia Beverly Hills Master Palette by Mario was limited edition, but today I discovered something that gave me hope. My Subculture palette arrived in the mail. I purchased this palette for reviewing purposes and I honestly didn’t have high expectations for it: It wasn’t something I felt like I absolutely NEEDED.

THAT opinion of the palette changed as soon as I dipped my brush into the buttery smooth pigment! I created a super easy look on camera, and I realized the possibilities are endless with this new ABH palette.

Watch my unboxing, first impressions, tutorial, and review of the Subculture Palette in the video below:

If you are looking for a palette that will satisfy your need for the discontinued Master Palette by Mario, this is your new BFF!

This palette will be available at Sephora stores in August and it should be restocking on the Anastasia Beverly Hills website soon!




Hair Extensions: BEST & WORST Review

If I’m not wearing a wig from The LadyCode Shop, I am most likely in hair extensions because I have very fine hair. I love how glamorous I feel in extensions, but there are some sets of extensions that make me feel more like a hot mess than a glam goddess. Here is my breakdown of the BEST and WORST hair extensions I have tried:


  1. Hair Secrets–  I am in LOVE with my Hair Secrets extensions. They are clip-in extensions with major density! The quality is amazing and the hair is easy to style and blends seamlessly with your natural hair. $219 Use code LADYCODE for $10 off
  2. Secret Extensions– I love the halo style of the secret extensions and you can beat the price! If you need some extra volume for a daytime look, definitely grab this easy halo set. $39.99


  1. Zala Hair Extensions– I had high expectations for Zala because so many YouTubers rave about Zala. I was not impressed. The extensions are cute and they do the trick but it is not something I would repurchase. $169


  1. Bellami Hair–  I really don’t know what is wrong with Bellami hair. The hair gets easily matted, the consistency of the hair almost feels sticky, and it doesn’t blend into your hair at all! The hair is choppy looking on the ends. I think the worst part about Bellami is their customer service. If you complain about their horrible product, good luck getting a response back.

Watch the video below to see all 4 extensions and more details about each set!



Source Vital Giveaway

Source Vital Giveaway

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone,

For those of you that have been following Lady Code for a while, you have come to learn that health, wellness, and motivation are big passions of mine. That being said, I have some exciting news! I am starting a separate blog from The Lady Code Blog called Haute and Holistic. I am sure you have read the occasional post where my mom, Dr. Elizabeth Trattner, shares her insights on health and wellness. Now, we are going to be writing and sharing our thoughts and insights together.

I will, however, still be writing for the Lady Code Blog and sharing my favorite products and health tips with you on this forum.

To launch Haute and Holistic, we are doing a giveaway of the new line I shared a few weeks ago, Source Vital Apothecary! Allow me to refresh your memory: they are an all-natural skin line whose roots date back nearly 30 years, way before natural and organic products were popular in the skin care world. Adding to their appeal, they continue to use only plant based ingredients which is great since many other skin care brands contain parabens and toxic chemicals which enter our blood stream and endocrine system through our skin causing a range of health problems like cancer, neurological disorders and even learning disabilities in children.

Source Vital Logo

I’m not the only one in love with this line! Source Vital was ranked as a “Buyers Favorite” at Indie Beauty Expo Dallas 2017! Now, I want to share this wonderful line with you! By entering this Giveaway you have the chance to win:

  • Deozein Natural Deodorant (Original) = $16.95 (retail)
  • Deozein Zest Natural Deodorant = $16.95 (retail)
  • Night Repair Cream = $49.95 (retail)
  • Algae Deep Scrub = $32.95 (retail)

The wonderful thing about Source Vital’s Deodorants is that it protects your body from odor causing bacteria, but unlike other “natural” deodorants, it does not inhibit your body’s natural functions. Additionally, they are not tested on animals, but by Source Vital employees so you know it works.

The Night Repair Cream is great for moisturizing and hydrating your skin. It is made with seaweed, plant extracts and essential oils which both nourish and restore young looking skin to provide your skin with a more youthful glow.

The Algae Deep Scrub is great and is one of Source Vital’s best sellers. This product contains seaweed and peppermint, along with natural corundum crystals which help cleanse the skin free of dead skin and dirt. It will leave your face feeling both refreshed and nourished.

The Rules

This contest is open to HauteandHolistic subscribers and @source_vital followers only! You will receive an additional entry if you are following Lady Code. Since writing for Lady Code, I have enjoyed the opportunity to correspond with many of our followers and I cannot tell you how much I love and appreciate you. It would mean so much to me if you continued to follow my posts on Lady Code’s Sister channel, Haute and Holistic

The winner will be chosen at random from all entries on July 26th.

Instagram: @charvontratt, @hauteandholistic, @dreliztratts
Twitter: @charvontratt

Instagram: @source_vital
Twitter: @SourceVital

I will be using Gleam.I.O to select the winner at random:


I wish everyone the best of luck!

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone.

Love and light,

Char ❤




KKW Beauty Contour Kit Unboxing + First Impressions!

Hey LadyCode!

It’s been a crazy week for me and things about to get crazier because I’ll pretty much be living out of a suitcase and on a plane for the month of July, and on top of all the business and traveling, I’m also moving into a new apartment. Let’s pray I get through this month. I was not planning to film today so this review is super last minute, but my KKW Beauty Contour Kit arrived in the mail today so I decided to film this video before I start traveling!

Click here to watch my full KKW Contour Kit Unboxing video

Here is a closer look at the packaging and the instructions for the kit:

My final thoughts:

I don’t like the brush or sponge that the kit came with, I noticed better results when I used my own tools. I recommend the EcoTools versions of a beauty blender used damp to blend the formula.

You get VERY little product and I definitely don’t think it is worth $48 (+ $8.95 shipping). For $9 more, you can get the Kevyn Aucoin Contour book from Sephora with free shipping. I was expecting worse but this isn’t the best product on the market either. Smashbox makes great contour sticks as well.

Here is a video I filmed earlier with my current favorite cream contour palette:

In New York We Wear Black

Two years ago when I moved to New York, I learned something quickly. New Yorkers wear black, and there are so many reasons why. Wearing white in NYC is always a bad idea because that white piece will probably be gray by the time you step off the train. Black never goes out of style and its easy to look effortlessly chic in all black. Bae wanted to take me on a date yesterday so I threw on this all black look and tossed my hair up in a messy-ish bun.


Glasses: Forever 21
Choker: Charlotte Russe
Shoes: Primma Diva
Leggings: Boohoo
Bag: Saint Laurent

New Must Try Skin Line: Source Vital

Happy Motivational Monday Everyone,

For Motivational Monday, I want to educate viewers of Lady Code to search for natural alternatives for their traditional beauty products. Many brands contain parabens and toxic chemicals which enter our blood stream and endocrine system through our skin causing a range of health problems like cancer, neurological disorders and even learning disabilities in children. Isn’t it crazy to think everyday products like lip gloss, shampoo and lotion are not regulated by the FDA while some are even linked to cancer!? Although they may contain the word “organic” or “natural” not all the ingredients truthfully meet our definition of the word. Have no fear, there are many websites that allow the consumer to research beauty products like Skin Deep or Think Dirty to make educated decisions in this industry.

However, last month, while attending the Indie Beauty Expo, one company in particular really stood out for me, Source Vitál Apothecary, whose roots date back nearly 30 years, way before natural and organic products were popular in the skin care world. Fascinated with their approach to skin and beauty, I decided to interview and investigate this modern-day apothecary brand. Source Vital is a safe alternative to the traditional skin and beauty brands that contain harmful ingredients and I highly encourage you explore their products.

Their Story

Founders and day spa owners, Jerry Pope and Brea Gratia sought products for their spa which contained naturally-derived ingredients that were proven to work. Unable to procure products that met their high standards they set out to develop the products themselves. From the beginning, their goal was to create a connection between mind, body and spirit linking to the beauty industry. Launching with an eye balm, the end result is a combination of 100% pure essential oils (sourced from all over the world), botanicals plants and seaweeds, working in synergy to deliver visible benefits for the skin.

Their Ingredients

To this day, Souce Vitál continues to use only natural ingredients, never using chemicals or toxins in their formulas. Honoring the founders’ initial mission, Source Vitál continues to use only plant-based ingredients which embodies the holistic approach they are trying to create. Furthermore, they strive to utilize earth and sea derived elements which the body easily recognizes to help rebuild and strengthen our bodies.

Their Mission and Vision

Through the creation of natural products for “the skin, body, mind and spirit” they want to make the world a happier, healthier and more peaceful place to live, while creating “holistic health one bottle at a time.” The company firm believes that our natural world contains vital products such as essential oils, seaweed and plant extracts, which we can use for therapy. They have seen benefits ranging from clear skin to increased overall well-being and even a calm mind. I personally experience a sense of calm when use their Tranquil Multi-spray.

Must Try Products

Since learning about Source Vital, I have been experimenting with their products and have fallen in love with them, my favorites being:

  1. The Tranquil Multispray made from lavender and chamomile to release tension and stress.
  2. The Lemongrass mani/ pedi cream made with 100% pure essential oils and shea butter and beeswax.
  3. Deozein Natural Deodorant made with essential oils, mineral salts, and algae. The great thing about this deodorant is that it does not contain aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum zirconium, aluminum chloride or other toxic chemicals, nor does it stain your clothes.

Please consider checking out Source Vital and they story and products online! Watch the video below to learn more!


Love and Light,

Char ❤



Okay, that’s it. Boxycharm is literally the best beauty subscription box out there! They spoil us with 5 full size, high end beauty products every month for about $20 a month. Watch my June 2017 Boxycharm unboxing to see how amazing they are for yourself:

I think I’ll go ahead and let you all know now that I cancelled my Sephora Play subscription because they are awful.. They send super small samples that usually don’t fit my needs for $10 a month, and the box always comes late. I never use anything in my Sephora Play. I still like Ipsy because they send me interesting things and sometimes you get lucky and get something full size! It’s always a hit or miss with Ipsy, but I’m keeping my subscription with them for now 🙂

What’s your favorite subscription box? Let me know in the comments below!




In Love With The KOKO KOLLECTION by Kylie Cosmetics Review + Unboxing + Try On

Kylie Cosmetics and Khloe Kardashian always have the BEST collabs! I’m so happy I got my new In Love With the KOKO Kollection by Kylie cosmetics today. This is their second collaboration and this time it is not only 4 lip products, but also a face palette.

Watch my Koko Kollection Review Video here:

Here is a summary of my review:

  • Shipping was fast this time. The KKW x Kylie Cosmetics took 3 weeks to be delivered from the day I ordered it, but this one arrived in one week.
  • All of the colors are gorgeous, and most of them are pigmented(“Doll” needed another layer). I loved topping off the matte liquid lipsticks with the “Sugar Plum” gloss for even more looks.
  • The face palette’s bronzer and blush are gorgeous but suitable for only fair skin tones. If I had a deeper tan, it wouldn’t work as a bronzer for me.
  • The highlighters in the face palette are disappointing.
  • The face palette is NOT worth $40.
  • The liquid lipstick set is worth $40 if you like the colors 🙂

Let me know your thoughts of the new collab below!




The Makeup Mitty Giveaway

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone,

For those of you that have been following Lady Code for a while and reading my posts, you know by now that the environment is a big passion of mine.

Today, I was inspired to merge two different facets of Lady Code: Makeup and Wellness!

Earlier this month, when I was at the Indie Beauty Expo, I stumbled across a company called Take My Face Off®, cute right! This company has created a product called The Makeup Mitty™ a reusable and washable makeup remover mitt. This product is not only softer than the typical washcloth, but is more effective thanks to the included Detailer™ for small areas like the eyes.

Why are makeup remover wipes Bad?

Many people use the disposable wipes for removing makeup which is completely understandable thanks to being transportable and easy to use, but what few people know is that those wipes are incredible harmful to our environment and to our skin.

The Huffington Post recently published an article with support from dermatologists, Dr. Maryann Mikhail and Dr. Craig Kraffert. The article stated that since these wipes skip the step of rinsing your face with water, residue is left on your skin. Additionally, these wipes contain surfactants and emulsifiers, products which help remove your makeup, but since you are not rinsing your face, the product remains on your face, both drying and irritating your skin. Worse, to extend shelf life some brands use formaldehyde, which for some is a known allergen but is also a potential carcinogen.

Furthermore, most makeup wipes are made from plastic which can take more than a hundred years to breakdown. These products are also known to hurt marine life since they contain microbeads, a toxic ingredient banned by the government last fall. Animals tend to eat these products and since they contain plastic, the animal often dies of starvation.

The Solution

You guessed it! The Makeup Mitty is the solution to these problems. Not only are these products reusable and washable to prevent waste, but they are made of 100% polyester, which holds up longer than organic fabric to lower your carbon footprint. This product is softer than a washcloth which is perfect for those with sensitive skin like myself. It is important to remember to wash these products. You can simply throw it in your washer and dryer and use again!

In fact, I have been using this product for three weeks now and I LOVE it! Which is why I decided to do a GIVEAWAY!

The Giveaway

That’s right! I will be giving away 1 Makeup Mitty, the Superior Makeup Remover Mitt, which features the Detailer for small areas, 1 Mitty blackout, the Superior Makeup Remover Pad and 1 – 500ml bottle of Sensibio H2O, a cleansing and make-up removing water to use along with the Mitty.

The Rules

This contest is open to LadyCode subscribers and @Takemyfaceoff followers only! I appreciate those of you that consistently support LadyCode through genuine comments on our videos, sharing our posts/videos, and reaching out on social media. Lady Code loves getting to know our subscribers and giving back to those that truly support the channel!

The winner will be chosen at random and will be selected June 13th and announced the following Wednesday.

Instagram: @charvontratt, @takemyfaceoff @ladycodeofficial
Twitter: @charvontratt @TakeMyFaceOff @ladycode_
Instagram: @takemyfaceoff
Twitter: @TakeMyFaceOff
I will be using Gleam.I.O to select the winner at random:

I wish everyone the best of luck!

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone.


Love and light,

Char ❤



Cuba 2017 Travel Blog + Vlog

I just got back from my trip to Cuba yesterday, and I’m so excited to share my experience in Varadero and Havana Cuba with you. I haven’y created a travel vlog in a while so I’m sooooo happy to finally have a vlog for you to watch!

Here is the full Cuba Vlog:

Here are some important details from my trip:
-We took a direct flight from Fort Lauderdale to Varadero on Southwest
-You can purchase a visa at the airport at check in. This process takes about 10 minutes
-Our hotel we stayed at is the Barcelo Sol y Mar all inclusive resort. The food was terrible, but the location was great and it is walking distance to downtown Varadero where you can find more decent food 🙂
-We took a Cubatur day trip to Havana with a bus tour. It was a good experience, bring plenty of water and snacks, maybe an umbrella for rain or for shade (it gets HOT) and good walking shoes.

The beach in Varadero was AMAZING! The water was crystal clear and the sand was super soft.

Old Havana has a mixture of neighborhoods that are luxurious and gorgeous and remind me of modern day Spain, to some areas that look like they have not been updated since the 40’s.

Antique cars are EVERYWHERE. They at so much color and culture to Cuba and I loved seeing the unique cars, especially ones with polka dots or pink ones.

Che Guevarra is a very popular figure in Cuba, you can see images of him like this one everywhere.

Our tour guide told us that Cohiba and Montecristo are the best Cuban cigars. I didn’t purchase or try any but visiting a cigar shop in Cuba is a must.