Wellness Wednesday: Essential Oils

Hi Everyone. Happy Wellness Wednesday!

I am currently in the middle of finals and my diffuser, loaded with essential oils is keeping me sane. Here is an article by my mother, Dr. Elizabeth Trattner about essential oils and how they can help us.

Essential oils give plants their smell and are used in perfumes, medicinal agents. Essential oil extracts can be up to 100 times more potent than the plant itself,, Now that essential oils are gaining in popularity  so are both benefit and risk. (Battaglia, 1997). Essential oils should be used diluted with a carrier oil, used with a diffuser, with the exception of flavorings like peppermint or fennel.

The most common preparation for essential oils are inhaled or used topically. Peppermint, wintergreen, eucalyptus and rosemary are all used for upper respiratory infections. These can also be used topically, diluted with a carrier base for pain as well. The use of essential oils for skin complaints is well-founded as many have been shown to possess antibacterial (Hmamouch et al., 1990) and antifungal (Onawunmi, 1989) properties. Though the use of essential oils shares a common origin with herbal medicine, the use of isolated essential oils is more properly referred to as aromatherapy. Aromatherapy has been used worldwide for ages. Rosemary was used hundreds of years ago to disinfect hospitals.


Eucalyptus: when we think of cough drops we think of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is used for treating the common cold and all its side effects like coughing, mucous, sinus infections sore throat. Other uses are for insect bites and itching. Eucalyptus oil also has anti viral, fugal and bacterial effects. My favorite use for eucalyptus is during a cold. I like to take a bowl of hot water and create a tent with a towel over my head draped around the bowl. I will put a few drops of eucalyptus oil in inhale the steam. It works wonders for any cold, or virus and opens my repository passages. I would use this oil in a diffuser or a few drops in a bowl of hot water. Do not drink it or put directly on the skin!! Inhalation is best and only a few drops!


Lavender is the superstar in the essential oil world. It too has anti-microbial, fungal and viral activity to it. It also in an analgesic, sedative, antiaxiolitic, it helps with headaches, lice, cysts, muscle pain, digestive issues, depression, nervousness and many other mood disorders. It can also help with PMS as wellbeing. Lavender is a wonderful first aid remedy, especially for burns; it is among the safest and most widely used essential oils. Lavender was used during the Victorian times for fainting. There are over 350 studies on lavender on Pubmed demonstrating everything from mood enhancement and balance to pain relief. It brings balance both physically and emotionally. I like many uses for lavender. For relaxation I put a few drops mixed with clary sage, geranium , ylang ylang in a spray bottle of distilled water. This is very similar to my favorite aromatherapy scent, Clear skies Ahead by Little Moon Essentials.


This is wonderful for digestion. Peppermint tea is one of the most prescribed herbs I use for digestion. It helps with nausea, upset stomach and all digestive disorders. It can also be used in a diffuser for headaches and fatigue. Peppermint oil can be used as an analgesic but only use 2 drops in a whole bath because it can be very chilling. I use peppermint oil for digestive spasms. Peppermint oil is sold in special  enteric coated capsules to get into the intestines and bypass stomach acid. My favorite is Peptogest by Nature’s Way. I also like using peppermint with lemons to make refreshing lemonade. Peppermint in a diffuser helps with fatigue.


Rosemary was burned in French hospitals to purify the air up until the 20th century. This essential oil is also an excellent anti-bacterial, antifungal and antiviral. It is an excellent antiseptic as well and why is was used in hospitals a long time ago. It is an excellent tonic and is very similar to lavender as far as uses but rosemary is more of a stimulant and lavender is more of a sedative or has a calming nature to it. Research has demonstrated that it helps with memory and cognition. Rosemary can be used in cooking. I have used the essential oil diffused to help in memory and recall for test taking. A great mixture to help with cognition is to use a few drops of rosemary, lemon, orange and lavender in a spray bottle with distilled water to lift mood.

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil is nature’s antiracial and anti-fungal wonder!! It is also immunomodulatory as well when inhaled. Readers need to be careful as tea tree oil is highly volatile and must be used in carrier oil. I have witnessed so many patients who have had allergic or reactions to it put directly on skin, scalps, and nails. This essential oil has been widely studied an there are almost 400 pub med research papers on it’s efficacy. Tea tree oil has also been demonstrated to have anti-protozoan activity as well. The best way to use tea tree oil is to use it very diluted in a carrier oil or lotion. Currently there are so many products on the market that the safest way to use it is pre compounded because of its known risks with dermal irritations. Do not try using this oil directly on your body or internally!

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Make sure to check out www.elizabethtrattner.com for more tips about living a healthy lifestyle.


Stayed tuned in the next couple of weeks where I will be reporting from the Indie Beauty Expo in Dallas!!


Char ❤


Happy Earth Day


Hello everyone and Happy Earth Day!

This post is serving as celebration for one of my favorite days, Earth Day, along with you weekly Motivation for Monday!

Today, I had the honor to interview the inspiring Elizabeth Tran, founder of Teens Go Green. It is a non-profit which she started when she was twelve years old as a way to educate the youth about excessive waste production and help them get involved in helping and protecting the environment.

Teens go Green works with one of my favorite non-profit organizations; Clean the World. Elizabeth is partnered with Orange County Environmental Protection Division, and Green Works Orlando. Some of the events which she produces include the pageant Miss Miracle which she recycles pageant trophies which would have been discarded otherwise, along with Eco-friendly fashion shows to raise awareness and help get others involved. 



During our interview, Elizabeth shared some of her advice to help others go green which includes:

  1. Being green is more than a trend, it is a lifestyle choice which influences what you wear, what you eat, how you live and interact with the environment.
  2. Elizabeth recommends Unplug electronics that you do not use all day. In fact, 52% of the energy we use is wasted. She suggests unplugging your toaster when you are not using it.
  3. Be consciousness about what you are wearing. Elizabeth was wearing a garment from Consumer Against Toxic Apparel(CATA), an affiliate with Silver Needle and Thread. They make sure that all their clothes are certified organic or made from natural fibers. It helps the environment and even your own health ensuring that are manmade chemicals and toxic do not go into your skin nor the environment. The fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to toxins in our environment, including Chromium 6 which is in polluted waters everywhere.

Please watch the video below to be inspired by this wonderful woman.

Remember to check out www.teensgogreenglobal.org to learn more about how you can help make a difference in our environment.

Happy Earth Day everyone!

Char ❤

Wellness Wednesday: Staying healthy during finals

Happy Wellness Wednesday

Right now, I am in the thick of studying for finals, it feels like I spent this entire year studying. Today, whether you are a college student or working adult, I want to share some tips on how to stay healthy while studying for finals.

  1. Sleep: it is important to try to get to sleep before 11:00 PM. In fact, according to my mom, a doctor of Chinese medicine any sleep before 11:00 PM counts for double the hours of sleep. People stay up to all hours watching mindless television shows as a distraction from our responsibilities or personal issues. Watching TV at night, eating late and keeping the lights on contribute to sleepless nights. Pulling an all nighter is not the answer. Your brain works better early in the morning, so go to sleep earlier in preparation for waking up to study.
  2. Eat: Although it is tempting to survive on the quick and easy foods like pizza, takeout, and coffee, remember to eat a healthy breakfast. Eating healthy foods during this time can even help you avoid getting sick. Before your exam, make sure to eat a nutritious meal like a turkey sandwich which will stay in your stomach and keep you full for longer periods of time. Stick to a whole foods organic diets rich in protein, carbs and fiber to keep your blood sugar leveled and to keep your energy up.
  3. Remember to Exercise: This is a great way to cope with stress caused by exams. Going for a walk, run or even a bike ride is a great use of a study break. Exercise causes the release of endorphins which helps us feel motivated and ready to get back to studying. Yoga is a great way to destress and center yourself before getting back to studying.

Check out the video below!!

I hope you found these tips helpful for your upcoming finals.

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!

~Char ❤

Body Positivity For Motivational Monday

Happy Motivational Monday everyone,

Today’s post is all about body positivity and being happy with yourself.

It is important to love your body and truly understand it’s unique needs. In a day where social media reigns supreme, it is easy to understand why body dysmorphia is on the rise. Many social media bloggers will brand themselves according to their type of eating like Vegan or Paleo or cupcake lover. Women need to understand and embrace that every single person is unique and so are their dietary needs. Instead of trying to be like someone else, be yourself and really tune in to what makes you feel good.

Two women the same age can thrive on different lifestyles, diet and exercise. The key is listening to your own inner voice and wisdom and not get distracted on what the internet or a blogger or a movie star says. The other issue with social media is that it embraces the unattainable perfection. It just doesn’t exist.

Love your body inside and out for the incredible machinery and gift it is. Feed it well with love, care and good food that resonates on the inside. Stop comparing yourself to others because you will never be someone else only yourself.

Lady Code is a place to empower women, whether that be to eat healthier, have a positive outlook, inspire makeup and fashion styles, but mostly to LOVE themselves.

Please watch the video below which inspired me for this post.

I am implore everyone reading this to STOP thinking about what they don’t like about themselves or what they wish they could change and START thinking about what they love about themselves.

This theme perfectly ties in with Lisa Opie’s un-retouched campaign for her swimsuit line, Vizcaya Swimwear. In this recent photo shoot, Lisa wanted to promote body love or what she is referring to as #PerfectlyImperfect!

A special “Thank you” to Dr. Elizabeth Trattner for helping with this post.

Happy Monday!

Love Char ❤

Wellness Wednesday: The Power of Being Present

Happy Wednesday everyone,


With everything going on in the world today, it is easy to get distracted. So for today, I wanted to re-post one of my favorite videos I ever did for Lady Code.

For Wellness Wednesday, I want to challenge all of you to put away the phones or laptops, to turn off the music and have a powerful, meaningful conversation with someone. We are missing the beauty of what occurs right under our noses.

Have a beautiful Wednesday!

Love Char ❤


Thursday Treats for Someone Sweet with Char

Hi everyone, 

I am currently swamped with homework and  overwhelmed with 8 hours of math alone. However, I wanted to take the time to share a recipe with you. Eating healthy has always been a big part of my life, limiting the number of treats I could eat. But, over the holidays, I made this cake with my mom. Everything in this cake is good for you and is loaded with anti-oxidants and healthy fats.

Image courtesy of Instagram:@dreliztratts
Image courtesy of Instagram:@dreliztratts


Lemon Raspberry Cheezecake.

I used a silicone heart shaped pan from IKEA. Whatever you choose as your mold, make sure it is silicone as your dessert will slide right out. I have quadrupled the recipe because the mold was so huge, but it served about 25 people.

Coconut Layer:

  • 4 cup raw cashews, soaked and rinsed
  • 1 cup cold pressed coconut oil
  • 1 cup desiccated coconut
  • 2 and 2/3 cup coconut cream
  • 1 cup organic rice malt syrup
  • juice of 1 whole lemon
  • 1 cup frozen or fresh raspberries

Raspberry Cream Layer

  • 4 cup frozen or fresh raspberries
  • 1 cup extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil
  • 4 cup raw cashews, soaked and rinsed
  • 4 cup coconut cream
  • 2 cups organic rice malt syrup
  • 2 packets of thawed pitaya for color

Coconut Layer

1. Using your food processor, blend the cashews until completely smooth. As smooth as possible.

2. Add the coconut oil, desiccated coconut, coconut cream, rice malt syrup, and lemon juice. Blend until smooth and creamy. If it isn’t sweet enough add more rice syrup or a touch of stevia.

3. Fold in the raspberries and pour mixture into your silicone mold. Freeze for a few hours or, until set. Raspberry Cream Layer –

1. Using your food processor, blend the cashews until completely smooth.

2. Add the coconut oil, desiccated coconut, coconut cream, rice malt syrup, thawed pitaya and raspberries.

3.Blend until smooth and creamy.

4. Pour mixture over the top of the coconut cream layer, and freeze until set. When ready to serve, flip it over, and top with extra raspberries.

Chocolate Syrup

  • 1 and 1/3 cup coconut oil
  • 1 cup cocoa powder
  • 1 cup brown rice syrup

Mix all ingredients with a whisk and carefully pour over chilled cake. It should set up immediately from the cold. Put in freezer to solidify the chocolate sauce.

Note: Please remember that this recipe was quadrupled for size. The mold I used was huge and needed a lot of volume. You can safely cut this in half and make two separate 8×8 silicone mold cakes. Extra silicone cupcake holders are excellent for surplus ingredients. Don’t forget to freeze on a level surface for a straight line otherwise the cake will freeze lopsided. Also, make sure you leave the cake out at surface temperature for about an hour from the freezer. Use a knife in hot water to cut.

Please follow me @Charvontratt for more healthy treats and motivation.

Enjoy this special Thursday treat.


Lots of love and sweetness,

Char ❤


Detoxing for Wellness Wednesday

Happy Wellness Wednesday everyone,

The post below was inspired by an article my mom, Dr. Elizabeth Trattner wrote for a national magazine and her blog on detoxing.

It seems to me that everyone is making New Year’s resolutions to eat healthier, work out more (something I have witness at my college gym), act nicer to others and DETOX!

However, we are living in a society that is too engaged with technology and less connected with our natural environment. Although there are many pros to these technological advancements, one of the biggest downfalls is that we are unable to “ground down”, meaning we seem to have problems unhooking ourselves from social media like Instagram and Facebook. We are in a never ending race to post every social moment, instead of being present and experiencing the moment.

We have become focused one episodic cures. My Wellness Wednesday tip for you is to incorporate several prolonged life changes instead of a quick juice cleanse. Try to get to bed earlier, eat organic food, cut back on refined sugar. These small steps make a big difference.

Another great idea for a detox in to take a trip outdoors where there is bad cell phone reception and practice taking a break from technology. Research has found that spending time outside in nature, without cell phones and laptops can refresh the brain and also increase attention and focus.

This new year, make it a resolution to connect to your food and loved ones, and disconnect from things that do not serve you.

You can read the full article that inspired me for this post at:




Happy Wellness Wednesday!

Char ❤


Art Deco Makeup Review with @CharVonTratt

Hey everyone!

I was given the opportunity to review Art Deco Cosmetics and Seba Med, a paraben free cosmetic company.

Make sure to check out the YouTube link below for the full review.

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Motivational Monday: Holiday Travel Wellness


Happy Motivational Monday everyone,

I am currently in the middle of studying for all of my finals, so in my place, my mom is contributing  this article about staying healthy while traveling during the holidays.

Staying Healthy Travelling During the Holidays

By Dr. Elizabeth Trattner

“As both a physician and a germaphobe, flying can strike fear into my heart. Needless to say, I have come up with several strategies that help me not to get sick when travelling. I share these tips with my patients who travel for a living or for leisure.

First and foremost: if you are a female get several scarves and put them in a plastic Ziploc bag in your purse. I always travel with a several scarves so I don’t have to touch dirty door handles. Also, scarves are great for keeping your neck warm on an airplane and even to loosely wrap around your nose and mouth while flying. Not only do you look chic when flying, but you keep yourself clear of germs. They are also great to roll up behind your back for lumbar support in uncomfortable airplane seats.

Several days before  you fly, begin to take vitamin c. Try and take this the entire duration of your trip. Take elderberry chews with you and take them every 4 hrs while travelling to keep viruses at bay. Keeping hydrated is a plus and hot tea that is decaffeinated not only keeps you hydrated but the warm steam keeps nasal passages open. Try and avoid coffee or colas as they can actually dehydrate you and make you more susceptible to disease.


For jet lag, have some tea when you land and most importantly, expose yourself to daylight to assist in adjusting your circadian rhythm to your new time zone. If necessary, you can always take a small dose of melatonin the first night you arrive and the same upon your return. Also, take a brisk walk outside to adjust your body to the climate and time zone.


For circulation issues, do not wear tight clothing on the plane and allow yourself legroom under your chair instead of stuffing items in front of you. Try and stretch every 20 minutes in your chair and if possible walk around the airplane.

Finally, take some ginger candies with you to avoid airsickness. I always travel with ginger candies. They help with dry throat, bad breath and airsickness. Nothing is worse than throwing up on an airplane, so be conscious of what you are eating and drinking the night before to avoid any adventures with a barf bag on an airplane. You can also pinch acupuncture point p6 on your wrist. Take 3 fingers on your wrist crease on the inner side of your arm. Squeeze your hand and 2 tendons will appear. If you push between the tendons, it will help with nausea!!  If you regularly get airsick, try buying sea bands from the drugstore and put them on before you get on an airplane. These bands utilize the acupuncture point  p6 incorporated into soft wristband.”



Happy Motivational Monday everyone!

~Char ❤


Happy Motivational Monday: Spark Joy

Happy Motivational Monday everyone,

This weekend, I went home for the Thanksgiving holiday. During Thanksgiving dinner my mom was talking to relatives about this book she had read called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” by Marie Kondo. Marie is the creator of the Kanmarie method and teaches the Japanese art of de-cluttering and organizing. What could possibly be so interesting about cleaning out your closet? Most of us, me included tend to hold on to things for many different reasons. Kondo explains and teaching people that if something doesn’t “spark joy” you should give it away or throw it out. It wasn’t until I saw a video of her explaining this feeling did I truly understand the concept.


Instead of going shopping on Black Friday, I decided to try this at home and purge my closets out. I had to hold each item and if I didn’t feel good, I put it in a pile to either give away or to donate it. The concept of “spark joy” isn’t just about cleaning out your closets. It’s about how we live our lives. I have included a link at the end of my video so you can see exactly how  the process works. This season find out what brings you joy and let it spark something inside of you.


Here is Marie Kondo explaining her process.

Check out the video below!

Happy Motivational Monday

Char ❤