KKW Beauty Powder Contour Kit Review

Hi LadyCode!

I was so excited to take a break from makeup today because I have been filming almost every day this week, but my KKW Beauty Powder Contour Kit showed up in the mail so I knew I had to review it ASAP!

Here is my full review video on the channel:

I was pleasantly surprised with the formula and application, and the generous amount of formula that came with the palette this time. I loved having the large mirror on the palette too.


There is a lot of product

The formula blends nicely

Mirror on palette

Pigmented and buttery


The brush is terrible

There is a lot of fallout that spreads all over the palette when you dip your brush in it


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Lisa Opie

Lisa Opie is a graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University and is the founder of Lady Code. Lisa loves to write about fashion, beauty, and travel. Although her main focus is Lady Code, she is also the creator and designer of Vizcaya Swimwear. Keep up with Lisa on Instagram: @Lisa_Opie

37 thoughts on “KKW Beauty Powder Contour Kit Review

  1. 9 times out of 10 the brush doesn’t work. I wish they would just invest more time and money into the formula instead. However, you are beautiful and make anything look beautiful. Thank you for your review on it.


  2. Thanks for the honest review honey.. You make everything look pretty when you wear it.. ❀️❀️


  3. I definitely think they could’ve invested more into the brush. I I am glad that there’s more product this time! I think it applied beautifully, and I definitely liked the lighter shade! Great review, honest review, thank you!


  4. Loved the review!!! Thank you for being completely honest with us as always! And no need to apologize if you like the product, you’re allowed to have an opinion! ☺️


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