Terrific Thursday with celebrity makeup artist Scott Barnes and Victoria Duke

Hi everybody,

Today, I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to have world renowned makeup artist, Scott Barnes do MY makeup.

The master at work
The Master at work







Now I like makeup as much as anyone reading this blog, but I was more excited to have the chance to ask both him and Victoria Duke, another world renown makeup artist about what advice they would give to women in order to channel their inner beauty on their face.

Their answer: confidence. Wear it and be it! There is nothing more beautiful than a confident woman. We all have flaws, but we can work on them and be proud of who you are.

Scott and I
I have to say, I was feeling very fabulous and LOVED this makeup!

Now these two fabulous artists have worked on everyone from Jennifer Lopez, Celine Dion, Paulina Vega who was Miss Universe 2015, The Pussycat Dolls and Beyonce so they are no strangers to beauty.

Beauty is an Inside job

Check out the video below!

Hope you enjoyed!

~Char ❤


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