Pageant Corner


When it comes to evening gown, try to avoid purple and orange! White and neutral colors usually place highly because they don’t cause a reaction. For example, when a judge sees green or purple, they may subconsciously have a “bad” feeling toward the dress because they don’t like the color. Remember, this does not apply to all cases, and they always say, “It’s not about the dress, but the girl in the dress!”

Here are the top winning colors statistically proven over time, ranked in order from highest amount of wins to lowest:

1. White

2. Black

3. Gold, Beige, Chamapgne

4. Red

5 Blue

6. Yellow

Don’t believe us? See the photos below of the top 5 from various pageant systems!

Pageant Coachingpageant coachingpageant coachingpageant coachingpageant coachingLisa_Opie_fourth_runner_up_at_Miss_United_States_2012




As a former pageant judge, one of my biggest pet peeves was TOO MUCH MAKEUP at the interview. Make sure you got with a natural look, a simple outfit, and simple jewelry. The judges want to get to know you, and fake eyelashes, busy patterns, and to much jewelry can be distracting.


In pageantry, everyone knows that you have to be the whole package, a bombshell that can talk. What most girls don’t know is that each system is looking for something different.

Here is a breakdown of the top three systems:

Miss America: Miss America is a scholarship pageant and seeks independent, accomplished women. Inner beauty is more important than outer beauty. The Miss America system seems to focus on EDUCATION.

Miss USA: Miss USA girls may be known for their racy scandals, and we think it is because the main focus of the Miss USA system is OUTER BEAUTY. Girls who would rather be a Victoria’s Secret model than a Doctor or Lawyer seem to like the Miss USA system

Miss United States: Miss United States tend to look for a woman who is philanthropic and cares about her community. If you have an important platform that you want to promote, try competing in the Miss United States system.

Questions? Send them to and we might answer it on our page in the Q&A Section!


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