Stefania’s Story

When I was young, I used to be a bully. My immaturity at the time combined with my strong, out going personality were what caused me to be that way.  At the time, I did not realize that what to me was funny, to others was hurtful. My bullying was not necessarily evil, there were times when I did it without thinking.

For as long as I can remember my family used to tell me that I had a strong personality. I used to never get intimidated, and was the bossy one when playing with my cousins or friends. If something bothered me I used to just speak my mind, I was never worried of what others thought or if it bothered them.  There were many times when my cousins used to cry because of me and say that I was very mean.

As I was  growing up it only got worse. Because I never “sugar coat” anything and I am so direct, some people found this offensive.

My bullying was verbal. I used to make rude comments to people  and sometimes even make fun of them or laugh at them. One day in high school I went up to a girl and as I was pointing and laughing at her, I said that her outfit was very ugly and made fun of her vest. She did not respond to me but filled her eyes with tears and walked away. Today, as I am reminiscing about that day, I am the one in tears, as I am realizing the harm that I caused. I did not know that girl, what if she had a bad situation at home, what if my words were the last draw that pushed her right off the edge?

In most of the situations my bullying consisted of me making fun of other people. Sometimes I would not do it with the intention to be mean, it would be a joke, and because I was immature and did not think before I acted, I did not realize the harm I was causing.

As ashamed as I am of my actions, and as much as I regret them, I decided to stand up for my mistakes and to take part in the fight against bullying. I do not want to be the cause of anyone’s harm or to hold them back from the freedom of expressing themselves. As damaging as my bullying was, it caused me today to not be indifferent towards it but to take action. I want to fight bullying and to help the victims of bullying.

It is important for victims to know to stand up for themselves and to not let the meaningless words of bullies impede them from attaining their goals.


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