Stefania Sita


Stefania Sita is a 21 year old student and model.  Stefania was born in Romania, but raised in Fairfax Virginia.  She was raised in the romanian culture and kept close ties with her european side by frequently visiting her family in Romania, Spain and Italy. Having an international family and being a world traveler she is fluent in English, Romanian, and Spanish.  She currently resides in Richmond, Virginia but is planning on moving to Miami, Florida after completing her undergraduate studies.


Stefania is currently a student at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she is working on completing her undergraduate studies. She studies International Business Management with a minor in Spanish.  Having a decisive personality she knew prior of going to college what she wanted to study and stuck to it.  Her decision to study business was driven from a distinct motive.

Stefania was always passionate about styling hair.  From her younger days, she recalls being the hairstylist of the family. It first started as a hobby, where she would just practice it on the side and teach herself for the most part. With time it turned into something more serious that she wanted to substantialize. That is when she decided to take Cosmetology classes.

While in Cosmetology school Stefania participated in an Entrepreneurship competition where she had to create a business plan for a hair salon. The business plan ended up being a 30 page detailed document containing information about the business concept, the market analysis, demographics, competitor analysis, marketing plan, financial statements and product descriptions. This gave Stefania a feel of what it would be like to create a business plan for a real  salon and the expectations as the owner.

With her cosmetology license and her degree combined, Stefania plans on materializing her dream. Her plan is to create her own line of hair products. She plans to have several collections for different types of hair and styling preferances. There will be an organic product collection and with time she plans on expanding her product line by creating products for men.


Stefania was always active in her community and enjoyed giving back.  She used to attend activities that her church would have to help the homeless by providing food, giving away clothes, or raising money for other causes. Stefania volunteered at the animal shelter where she would take care of the animals and find them homes.  She is currently working on an anti-bullying campaign, where she wants to teach the victims to stand up for themselves and not to be affected by the negative words and actions of the bullies.


Stefania started her modeling career when she was scouted to model for Vizcaya Swimwear.  As she is  very out going, she enjoys and feels comfortable being in front of the camera, therefore she decided to further pursue this career. While in Miami, Stefania worked on expanding her modeling and acting resume.  She participated in several fashion shows for Vizcaya Swimwear, Zoya Moda, and a hair show for Oribe.  Stefania also appeared in several music videos and commercials. She recently filmed a commercial for Nike.

Stefania currently holds the title Miss Hawaii Nationwide. She enjoys competing in pageants and believes the experience is fulfilling and rewarding. While competing in pageants she believe that one grows as a person and the knowledge and experience gained is tremendous.

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